About my books

Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Start-up, Growth and Maturity (Palgrave-Macmillan) was first published in 2001. The third edition became the market-leading entrepreneurship textbook in the UK, praised for its ‘authoritative blend of theory and practice’, described as a ‘joy to read’ and as ‘indispensable for any student of entrepreneurship’. The fourth edition, published in 2016, features case insights from developed and developing countries. It is described as ‘one of the most comprehensive books in the area of entrepreneurship’ – a ‘masterpiece’, ‘highly engaging’ and ‘an exceptional treatise’.


New Venture Creation: A framework for entrepreneurial start-ups (Palgrave-Macmillan) was published in 2014. It sets out a comprehensive framework to help students through the whole process of new venture creation; including finding a business idea, developing a value proposition for customers and refining a business model that can be developed into a professional business plan. It has been praised as ‘the go-to-guide when it comes to new venture creation’ that is ‘bound to ensure that this book becomes a core text for new venture creation modules.’


Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovation and strategy in large organizations (Palgrave-Macmillan) was first published in 2005. The third edition, published in 2013, was praised as a ‘definitive guide’ that ‘combines a profound understanding of theory with practical guidance’. It shows how strategies for encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation might be embedded in larger organisations through the concept of ‘architecture’ – leadership, culture and structure.